Music Box Village

The village holds many musical structures, like the house that produces a choir-like sound when you pull on ropes attached to spinning electrical fans. These many structures offer visitors the opportunity to explore the village’s sounds collaboratively, to see what rhythm or cacophony they can produce together. For professional performers, the village poses the question of how to adapt to any concert venue, how their skills apply to the space, what sounds can they make there, and how they are visible to the public.

While the music box village offers the aesthetic of ruggedness, and offers the opportunity for a communal, spontaneous gathering of amateur musicians, I think it’s clear by the creator’s decision to host live events in it that it is ideally a site for professional performances. One of the aspects of this that I like is that, after seeing professional performers and watching them leave, audience members can revisit the site and try to recreate the same sounds on their own.