My mask takes the form of a wearable array of devices that notifies you of the presence of other people either in front or behind your person, and forces you to be constantly aware of your environment



I hooked up two webcams and a set of earphones to my laptop; which the user carries around in my backpack. The user must wear a around their forehead to support the webcams, with one placed above their face and the other on the back of their head, as well as a set of headphones, all of which are attached to a laptop that is secured in back of the user.

The Webcams are both Logitech webcams, one from STUDIO, one is mine. The band is a re-purposed HRT sleep mask acquired at a job-fair like event. The laptop is mine. The backpack is mine.

Proof of function at very low framerate:


“there is someone behind you” ” there is someone in front of you”

For my voices, I used NaturalReader’s Premium English (US) Susan voice, and chrome audio capture

there is someone in front of you:

there is someone behind you:

there is no one here (unused):

Thanks to Connie and Lukas for being my actors and helping me with documentation.

ideation sketches