My Two Other Faces

Glitch Demo

This performance is an investigation of the potential existence of multiple personalities within ourselves. It features an exploration of the two other people generated from the left or right sides of my face in a digital mirror. The program I created for the performance can take one half of my face and reflect it over the centerline to cover the other half and create a new face entirely from one side.

Website for doing something similar with static photos: http://www.pichacks.com

I was inspired by reading about occasional emotional asymmetry of the face and the differences between our right and left brains. I had also seen reflected versions of my face before as pictures and found it fascinating to imagine these other people trapped inside me. I was curious to meet a live action version of them and see if they embodied half of my personality.

Illustration of reflection over pose/orientation line

To create this project, I used the FaceOSC openFrameworks app along with an example Processing app as a jumping off point to create a digital mirror with face tracking. I cut out half the face, then reflected, rotated, scaled, and positioned it back onto the other side of the face. I included controls to switch between the different possible faces and to make minor rotation and scale adjustments for fine tuning for the crookedness of your face. It functions best if you do not twist your face.

My face composed of two right faces