Let’s Practice: Alexa Music Practice Tool

  1. I made an Alexa skill with Abby Lannan, a Euphonium performance major Graduate student at CMU, where it will help you to practice music in various ways. It allows you to play music with other people’s music recordings or upload your own music. It helps you with music ear training, intonation and rhythm accuracy. This project is pitched to Amazon’s Alexa Day as a future Alexa project.

It tracks users’ practice progress and helps them achieve their practice goals. It synthesizes sounds on a cloud server based on voice commands.

Basic Functions:

Skill Development: It has a metronome and drone that offer a variety of sounds. It also allows users to upload recordings to play music with each other.

Tutoring: It has ear training game that teaches music theory.

Record Keeping: It saves user info on cloud database and allows them to track longterm practice progress.

A detailed slides is attached here:

2. Also, I attempted to make an Alexa skill that sends you an email of a pdf of pictures that ‘will make you happy.’ First of all, you tells Alexa what makes you feel happy/grateful. Then, she sends you a pdf to remind you the happy things in the world. The results look pretty like trash.

[hands, anime, butt, beach]

[spagetti, good weather, chris johanson, music]