I’m currently working on a synced new-tab screen for two people. Telematic art for me is most exciting in the way it can uniquely connect people and create different modes of communication. For this project I was specifically interested in how to use digital spaces we interact with daily into something more interesting.

I thought about what has been used in connecting two people in art/design projects. I’ve seen several (more generic ones) that use someone’s heartbeat, but for me personally, a person’s heartbeat is conceptual poetic, but doesn’t really feel unique. I’ve seen watches designed to have two times on it, one for the time zone of another person.

As for new tab screen, they generally are aesthetically pleasing and/or focus on productivity. For my project, I’d like to combine the “new tab” functionality with communication between two people.

In the new tab screen I designed, people can collaboratively draw on the top white area. As days pass, the drawings fade into the background, encouraging new drawings while also letting old ones stick around. On the bottom section, there’s a customizable avatar, the weather and time for each person, and an area to leave longer form notes. I’ll now be spending my time coding this design! My focus will definitely first be the collaboratively drawing space on top with the drawings fading over time, and then with time allowing the supplementary long notes that appear beneath it.