arialy – telematic

I created a shared new tab space where multiple people can draw and leave messages. There’s a toolbar in the top right corner. You can draw with the pencil or pen (for straight lines), erase, and change the color. As the day goes by, your drawing will scroll down out of view, leaving a clean slate for a new day. Old drawings can be viewed by scrolling down, or clicking on the left hand navigation of dates.

When thinking about telematic art, my mind goes to how we can make more intimate communication two, or a small group, of people. The new tab screen is a place we go to hundreds of times per day, and yet usually serves little purpose (aside from luring us back into our frequented sites). What if we could leave messages for each other on these screens?

Messages on a new tab don’t send you notifications, yet you can count on someone viewing it within the hour. For people apart, it’s an intersection to intentionally yet also coincidentally meet.