Robot Ouija Board

Robots are often thought to be deterministic beings devoid of spiritual practice. However, as physical subjects, they share our timely limit bound to this mortal coil. Who is to say they lack the yearning to communicate beyond the earthly plane to their dead brethren? Not us. In fact, we should support them if they so desire.

Robots should be able to use Ouija boards. As everyone knows, robots read in their native language, barcode. As everyone also knows, Ouija boards operate through the ideomotor phenomenon. This phenomenon expresses our subconscious (our best connection to the dead) and requires that users be able to read the text as they perform the ceremony.

Therefore, we built a robot Ouija board. It is similar to a normal Ouija board except that the letters, 0 (for “no”) and 1 (for “yes”) are in barcode. The planchette carries the start and end characters. It occasionally aligns with characters causing the robot vision sensors (modeled in our video with a bar code scanner) to read the character. Through this action, they build their message.