Greecus Looking Outwards-2

For this project, I’ve been interested in playing with the idea of creating a lightweight VJ tool. Making a full functioning VJ tool would be too complex an endeavour for the short period of time that I have to work on this project, however I would like to toy around with the core concepts of transitions, looping and beat detection.

The first piece of inspiration came from the tool, boopy , which is a unique GIF drawing tool developed by Andrew Benson in collaboration with Giphy Arts. The tool allows users to commit drawings to a canvas that records the strokes over time so they can be replayed in a gif format.

The second piece of inspiration came from a piece by Corey Walsh where he used processing to make a visualizer that classified different kinds of drums (kicks, snares and flams).

Beat Detection in Processing

My hopes are to combine these aspects to create a rather simple but enjoyable VJ application.