Alphabet Blocks & Balloons

These alphabet blocks and balloons reveal when they’ve been arranged into a word. The user types on their keyboard to create blocks and balloons for each letter.

With this project, I wanted to develop a playful application that would be appealing to children and that had the potential to be broadened to encompass several languages at once. This 2-D physics game, where blocks can be brought into the world with the keyboard and floated away on balloons, does that, to some extent. The list of English words that it pulls from could be broadened to include other languages that use Roman alphabet letters as well, allowing the discovery not only of words you didn’t know were there, but of words you didn’t know. Unfortunately, one of my major limits on adding these other dictionaries right now is optimization, and as I go through my English dictionary very frequently in my code, I slow down my app considerably.


Here are some pages from my sketchbook: