Inspired by the effect of Pendulum Waves, I made an iPhone app with Unity that simulates this effect, using the accelerometer of the phone.

My goals are to recreate the visual effect of diverging/converging patterns of pendulums swaying at different frequencies and to introduce interaction with the accelerometer inside of a phone. The final product does not recreate the diverging/converging patterns, yet it presents a mesmerizing wave pattern with the threads of pendulums and produces sound that corresponds to the pattern.

My first iteration:

First iteration

My second iteration:

Second iteration

Although not originally planned, I connected the pendulums and the anchor with gradient threads, which created a very mesmerizing wave-like effect. For a more interesting interactive experience, I added sound to each pendulum, such that when each pendulum makes a click sound when it returns to the center axis.

The final version:

Final version

I used Jacqui Fashimpaur and Alexander Woskob’s help with Unity.