For this assignment, I made a squishy character that fountains paint out of its body. The world is inhabited by ink creatures, which the character can consume to change the color of lines it produces. 

Consuming several of the same colored creature in a row will increase line thickness. By jumping, the character can fill an enclosed area.

I went with a CMYK color scheme because I liked the idea of ink guy as a sentient printer. I used PixelRender to create a pixel art effect, because my method for drawing lines looked pixelated and I wanted the entire program to match that. 

I don’t think my project is technically interesting, but I definitely learned a lot while making it. I have been pretty intimidated by Unity in the past so it was nice to experiment with the software. My main struggle with the assignment was coming up with an idea. 

One of the games that I was inspired by is Peach Blood, where you also run around eating things that are smaller than you. I was also told that my program was similar to Splatoon, which I’ve never played but it looks cool.

(music by Project Noot

I drew a face for the character but you can’t actually see it while drawing. whoops!


This is the best drawing I made with my program; it is an intellectual cat.


Some early sketches.