My project is an audiovisual interactive sculpting program that lets participants create shapes using their hands as input. I wanted to explore the act of drawing through pressure sensitivity and motion, using the Sensel Morph as my input device.

A main source of visual inspiration was Zach Lieberman’s blob family series; I wanted to take the concept of never-ending blob columns and allow participants to make their own blobs in a way that visualized their gestural motions on a drawing surface. The sculptures made are ephemeral; when a participant is done making a gesture on the tablet surface, the resulting sculpture slowly descends until out of sight. The orientation of the tablet also controls the camera angle, so that sculptures can be seen from different perspectives before they disappear.

The final experience also contains subtle audio feedback; the trails left by the participant is accompanied by a similar trail of gliding sound.

early sketches. I explored other avenues of visualizing pressure, such as flow maps and liquid drops, before gravitating towards extruded trails.
other avenues of exploration, including using extruded terrain as a bed for growing organic lifeforms.