ngdon – final proposal

I’ll be polishing and finishing 3 of my earlier projects for the final.

The first is pose estimation playrooms ( I have plans for many new “rooms”, and some other improvements. This is the complete list:!/playrooms?

The second is doodle-place ( I’ll be adding some grouping to the creatures so the world is more organized and interesting to navigate. I might also try Golan’s suggestion which is synchronize the creatures’ movement to some music.

Finally I want to add a simple entry screen for the emoji game ( On it you’ll be able to customize to some extent your outfit, or maybe see some hints about gameplay. I’m not sure if this will be an improvement, but I think it can be quickly implemented and figured out. I also want to put the game on an emoji domain I bought last year: http://🤯🤮.ws (and finally prove it’s not a waste of my $5)