Silk is an interactive work of generative art.

It is a website that allows users to create organic shapes with minimal mouse control.

What I appreciate about this generative drawing tool is how ACCESSIBLE(easy to use, easy to access) and how well BALANCED it is: it turns simple strokes into mesmerizing, complex, colorful visuals, yet it gives me much freedom such that I do not feel restrained by its power. I like how this tool represents the immense power of simple ideas. It matches with my personal goal of delivering powerful messages with simple concepts. It is a simple concept WELL DONE.

However, what I do not like about this tool, (though I do not yet have a solution to) is how little personal connection I feel towards “my creation”: all products look pretty much the same(same style, same feel, same mechanics). Although there’s much more to explore, I quickly get bored by it.

It is a tool created 8 years ago by Yuri Vishnevsky with a sound designer Mat Jarvis.