Hello, I’m ngdon. I’m a sophomore art major and I’m interested in generating stuff with code. You can check out my projects in the last semester. I’m really excited to take this course because I’ve always been wondering about ways of capturing things in my life, and I’m especially interested in the experimental aspect of it.



Hi lovely people,

I’m in the first year of the Masters in Tangible Interaction Design (MTID) program. My first “capture” love was photography (specifically portraiture and narrative photography), followed by video, and then video (media) for live performance. I’ve worked as a projection designer for theatre/dance, and also as a producer and creative for experiential design. I’m very interested in exploring ideas of embodiment and communication in digital experiences, and in finding ultra-sensory ways to knit together interactivity, digital experiences, and physical environments.

Excited for the fun stuff ahead!

Reco Supercgeek ¬

Hello Humans—

My name is Cameron Burgess (@supercgeek) I’m a Bachelor of Design for Environments student at the School of Design. I’m also interested in emerging technologies and how we can design thoughtfully with interactive and dynamic materials across multiple levels of scale in physical, digital, and hybrid environments.


some of my recent projects: CeeMat, The ColumnWork from 60-212


Origin of Quan:

I am a second year in the School of Design, with a concentration in Environments. I have done photography for many years, and have seen how both the camera and the photos it produces can be tools used to communicate truth, by highlighting and hiding specific elements. I am taking this class because I one day hope to be a designer who is able to develop and leverage unprecedented methods of communication, or as Bret Victor likes to put it, Seeing Tools.

Who I am

I am a scraggly dog, and this class is my caring owner. We will embark on great journeys, summit peaks most harrowing. Every Tuesday and Thursday you will awake to me, licking your face. I am hungry, and you must feed me!

Woof woof! This dogger is house trained

cdslls introduction

I am a second year foreign student from Alsace, France. I grew up in a very uneventful city about twenty minutes from both the German and Swiss borders, which was my incentive to spend seven years of my life studying in Freiburg, Germany. Don’t be surprised if some of my sentences only make sense to me. The usual procedure is to nod and smile uncomfortably.

I am pursuing a BXA intercollege degree in Neuroscience and Visual arts with a concentration in Electronic and Time Based Media. I am mostly interested in the intersection of commonly heterogeneously disciplines and the overlap between analytical  and creative thought. What I like most about new media art is the lack of boundaries to the medium.

Best compliment I ever got: “You are the queen of gifs”


Hey guys, I’m currently a sophomore studying in the BCSA program. My current interests include virtual reality, computer vision, and autonomous robotics. I’m a huge tinkerer, and I love messing around with arduinos, raspberry pis, and ESPECIALLY anything with quadcopters or drones. I literally did an entire 112 term project on them, and they’ve been an obsession of mine ever since. I hope to pick up alot of technical experience from doing all these projects, and I’m excited to see what kind of work we’ll create.



Hey all!

I’m Pierre and I’m a Master’s student in Human-Computer Interaction. After a handful of years spent in France majoring in different subjects of Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology…), I finally chose CS about 2 years ago. What drives me right now in HCI is unveiling all the cool stuff we can do with new technologies and reflecting on how it can be incorporated in our society. I’ve particularly focused on AR over the last few months.

PS: If you want to practice your French, or make me practice my Spanish or Japanese, let me know!

Hello class :)

Hi, I’m Bo.

I first entered Carnegie Mellon as an art major but I wanted to explore more to figure out what my art should be about. So I became part of the BXA program, studying not only art but also Ethics, History, and Public Policy. Along with my interest in new media arts, I learned how to code which equipped me to interact and communicate with the world in a whole another way. I wanted to do this better, so I also joined the field of human-computer interaction. Long story short, I’m into interactive art, design, user-experience, photography, film, and more. I’m excited to learn novel ways to capture the world, which would let us ask novel questions.


Hi everyone! I am a BCSA sophomore studying visual arts and cs. Back in high school I was more of a watercolor/prismacolor drawing kinda person, but now I am more interested in exploring new media especially looking into electronic media such as unity, writing code, computer vision, AR/VR, etc etc. And I am really excited to learn a lot in this class and use technology & code to make art =)

An Introduction to Fourth

Hello. Call me Fourth or The Fourth.

I’m a photographer who owns over 70 film cameras, and is writing a masters thesis on the craft of 360 video storytelling. Check out my photo blog if you want to. I’m teaching an IDEATE micro course on photography this semester, you can sign up for it. I used to intern in a recording studio and have produced a wide variety of audio, from music recordings to live show sound reinforcement to podcasts. I also do a not insignificant amount of game development. If you’re curious, my undergraduate degree was a combination of creative writing, theater performance, and film studies with minors in mathematics and philosophy.

I have a cat, his name is Agent 86 and he is very cute. Here is a photo I took of him in a suitcase.

hello there! – caro

Hello there! I’m a three-dimensional human junior majoring in ECE and minoring in Design. I’m really into weird combinations of art and tech and I think this class is gonna be excellent for exploring and experimenting. I also enjoy virtual reality, AR, video games, HCI, computer vision, and futurology.

hizlik- about me!

Hi all, I’m Hizal and I’m a third-year pursuing a BFA with a minor in Software Engineering. You can get a taste of my work by visiting my website or my vimeo page! I love photography, videogragraphy and editing, animation, interactivity, game-making and all things webapps/web design!