fatik – final


With the wizard probe with ears, I attended Pittonkatonk on Saturday. The weather was gloomy and cold but a lot of people still came to enjoy the show.


Before going to the show there was a lot of preparation involved. I needed to text the kinect out doors to see if it captured anything. I needed to figure out how to hold everything while I was there because of the amount of equipment needed. I had the giant probe stick, my laptop, the generator, and a bunch of charger cables. Beforehand, I swept the pavillion to see if there were any backup outlets and I also made sure to charge everything in advance.


The event

Chloe and I went early to enjoy the event. It was really awesome. The costumes and instruments were so integrated into the crowd. The music was upbeat and the food was good too.

There were a lot of difficulties when it came around to start filming. I charged the generator the entire day before, but it failed on me the night of the event. So the process was to charge it for 5 minutes and move really quickly to where the action was happening. We ran around a lot and worked with our circumstances. The crowd definitely got a lot wilder later into the night.



Final Deliverables

I’m also really upset about the fact that I lost my SD card with all of the sounds I recorded at the event. The week had to much going on and I misplaced it. I really hope it turns up somewhere.

Anyways, I made six short loop films for instagram and made sound loops from pre-recorded music of the band What Cheer? Some loops are better than others. I made two videos that don’t loop that encapsulate the crowd of this event.

My instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/fk.3458/

I also played with different colored backgrounds but stuck with black because it had the highest contrast and the subtle colors showed the best. There’s a lot of white because there were heavy lights under the roof at night.


Gifs and other Fun things






fatik – final-Progress

So far I was able to confirm on the event I will be attending.


Pittonkatonk is a free, outdoor, family friendly community celebration of brass music that features both local and touring musicians. Held at the Schenley Park Vietnam Veterans Pavilion, Pittonkatonk blurs the lines between music festival and family reunion. There’s no formal stage, no ticket prices, and no vending. Instead, bands play in the crowd with little to no amplification. The community creates a potluck table of food donations for refreshment, and folks of all ages can be seen dancing together.



Yesterday Golan and Tom helped me make a probe for this specific event. The result is a magical wizard stick with a lot of stuff on it.

It’s a monopod with the depthkit and a binaural microphone attached to it.

Until I get all of the footage I need to figure out how to carry everything to the event and how I’m going to organize all of my footage. Because I’m also dealing with audio, I need to figure out a flow to match the footage and the sound for post production. I am planning on testing a lot of this stuff out this weekend.

The biggest difference between this venue and my last is that it’s outdoors. I’m excited to see how green looks on the depthKit.

For my final I am going to try to create a series of short video and sound loops. I would also like to figure out a way to edit and upload these short videos onto Instagram more easily. Zach Lieberman does it with his Instagram posts and posted a process on medium of how to do it.

fatik – final Proposal

For my final I want to continue playing with the depthKit. I had a really fun time using it so I want to continue to use it. I am planning on going to different concerts now and trying to get a variety of crowds because I know how to use it. In the end I was thinking of trying to make a VR experience with the footage so that people can experience being in the space as well. It’s also Carnival, so finding masses of people won’t be that difficult.


fatik- event


Depthkit + Moshpit

I really enjoy going to concerts and I realized that the audience have a big role in the experience of the show. I wanted to explore the different kinds of crowds in different music events. My vision was a crowd with a lot of people but somehow capturing the density and movement.Thanks to DepthKit, I was able to do this. I want to eventually go to more concerts of different genres and compare the movement of the masses.

I was inspired by one of radiohead’s music videos that was all filmed with a Lidar. I’ve also been super interested in photogrammetry and 3D scanning. I was thinking of this project as a moving photogrammetry if that makes any sense.



Testing the DepthKit

Before looking for the right event to film, I wanted to do a test run with DepthKit. I took all of my gear to a party and filmed people dancing. It was a good way to run into problems before the real shoot.


Finding a Gig/ Getting permission

Like I said before, the crowd can really vary by the event. I wanted a lot of movement so I decided to search for punk shows to film a mosh pit. I called all of the theaters and they told me that I had to contact the bands directly. I found one event and seemed like the perfect fit. I messaged them on Facebook and they were super chill.

When I got to the venue, the band members were extremely kind. They helped me set up, got me water, and even gave me ear plugs because it was so loud. One of the band members even introduced me to his wife whom I’d stuck with the entire night.



To put all of my footage together I made a music video. I just really wanted to make a music video. Along with the MV, I also made a video using just the moshing scenes and overlaying a non-punk song. I wanted to decontextualize the footage. Because I was only able to capture one type of music event, I thought it’d be interesting to overlay a song that would have a different crowd.



Gifs and other neat things 



I had the opportunity to go to a death metal show at the smiling moose. I facebook messaged this local punk band and got their permission to film. Must say, it was a wild experience. There were a lot of older white males with beers. The music was also spectacular. I have all the footage and now I just need to look through all of them and make a more cohesive video.




I had the one idea of stitching and editing a lot of movies that said the word “fuck” because of the incident with my mother.

But I did want to really play with the kinect and capturing depth and movement as well as 3d space. I was inspired by the french music video and the student project of the guy playing with the kinect in the studio.

I really want to try capturing a big pool of people at a concert or something. I know that there are a lot of weird events and things in Pittsburgh so I want to try finding these people.

fatik – Place

Place Project

I made a series of camera obscura time lapse videos in my dorm room. I’ve always heard about this technique from school, but I’ve never had the chance to make one and experience it. It was a very surreal experience to see the outside world projected into my room. I like the concept of integrating what is going on right outside of my window and projecting a very public space into my little compartment.

I have a bunch of videos, but this one is my favorite. When the light is projecting into the room the image is flipped vertically, so I edited the video so that my room is upside down.

This is the original video before it was flipped.

This video was around noon, so the light was extremely bright.

I thought it’d be interesting to see both videos in perspective of the room and the outside world together.

Gif #1

Gif #2

Some interesting photos from the plethora of photos


I made three camera obscuras that led to my final one. I did one in Margaret Morrison with the help of some professors, one in my friends dorm, and one practice session in my dorm with different sized peep holes. I think the most difficult part was just making the room as dark as possible.

Margaret Morrison: attempt #1

Friend’s room: attempt #2

My room: attempt #3

I have a corner room, which is great because there’s a lot of movement outside. But it was a pain to cover up all of my windows.





Yet again, like any other project I’ve ever done I have too many things that I want to try and do. I’m still not sure what place exactly I want to do yet but I think I’m going to just keep doing things until I find out. I loved the examples from the book Golan showed us in class that one time, so I want to try those out. I’m also from Pittsburgh so I could possibly do something more personal that’s related to my home or family. I was also thinking I’d go to Millvale because I love the graffitti there and I’m sure I could find a lot of random artifacts on the rail road. There’s also a river that flows with Millvale and thought that it’d be interesting to see what’s in the river while I’m there.

Another thing I could possibly do is related to Carnegie Mellon itself. I’ve been really upset for the last couple of months about my major and the school culture itself. Me and a group of some people ended up talking about this and the idea of scraping Linkedn was brought up to see what people actually do after they graduate from this “world’s most renowned educational institution”. We thought it’d be cool to gather this data and somehow put it back into this place for reflection.

So yea, that’s what I’ve been thinking about and I’m kind of leaning towards learning how to “scrape” a website or something. But I also want to use the motion capture in the basement of Hunt. I think I’ll have to continue to scope down what my actual project is going to be.

fatik – portrait

Final Video: portrait

I was inspired and interested in the concept of actually getting to know my partner for this project. I didn’t have any set ideas or plans in the beginning so I kept my project open ended. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to create something time-based, so I was inspired by Koyaanisqatsi and Jean-Luc Godard’s Kuleshov. My idea was to somehow document and portray our growing relationship.

Part 1: Getting to know my partner

I started off by stalking her and trying to capture her natural essence and mannerisms. By doing this, I though that I’d be able to find one character or habit that I would concentrate on, but that was very difficult for me. It’s really difficult trying to grasp someone’s quiddity.

This is one of my many attempts in trying to capture my partner without her knowing. We also hung out a good amount apart from me just following her. We talked in studio, did homework together, and tried to get to know each other.

Part 2: Playing with the 360 Camera

I played around with the 360 camera a lot before deciding to use it.

Part 3: Documenting our Meet-ups

I’ve been thinking to hang out at her house because I wanted to see what it was like. My thought was that it would be great to capture my partner at her own house and the 360 camera would be able to capture the environment. This dinner was definitely the push to our friendship. I was able to hang the 360 camera from the ceiling so that it could really capture the entire space. I also set up a dslr to capture different angles, but didn’t end up using any of those footages.

Part 4: Attempting OpenFrameworks

When I was playing with the 360 cameras, I liked that a sense of depth was very present. I originally was thinking of making a time-based piece but faking the sense of depth through really good editing. Thanks to OpenFrameworks and the Timeline add-ons there was no need for faking! It was great getting a taste of OF, and I definitely want to continue to do more with it.


fatik – PortraitPlan

For this project I really liked the fact that I had to capture a quiddity of my partner. So my first instinctive step was to really get to know her. After a first couple of quick talks and meet ups I forgot how much actual time and effort it requires to really get to know someone. I honestly couldn’t even think of a medium or anything like that because it felt like I didn’t know this person enough to even make anything. So I decided to at least document my process of getting to know her.

I’ve been playing around with some of the cameras and I’ve been planning on using them to document our meetings and hangouts. I’ve also been kind of stalking her and trying to document her in moments of real time and capturing her persona.

We’ve been chilling quite a bit and I think what I end up with is going to be a bunch of clips of us doing random things together. I’m still uncertain of what I am going to do exactly but I thought of making a short film with these clips really thinking about Jean-Luc Godard’s Kuleshov and how he was able to convey different feelings with assembly from parts. I am also very inspired by Koyaanisqatsi and how many different clips achieved so many odd emotions, situations, and insights.


After reading Robert Hooke’s, Micrographia, I was really excited to see what he was talking about. Actually using the electron microscope was quite an experience. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect at all. I didn’t know anything about the lab, what the machine was, and what my little piece of cork would  look like at a micro scale. So everything was a great surprise. The entire time I kept forgetting how small my piece of cork was and my sense of scale was constantly screwing me over. It was so odd to zoom so far in live. What we saw was pretty fantastic. The natural shapes and curves were beautiful and hard to believe. The whole experience was just unforgettable and I am still amazed that we have the technology to be able to observe anything in that scale.




Hello friends, it was a pleasure seeing everyone the first day of class. All of us didn’t have much time introducing ourselves and talking to each other. I am a Pittsburgh native. I was born here and lived here for around 8 years now. I’ve previously lived in California and Korea. I’m surprised that I’m still here.

Before coming to Carnegie Mellon I attended a public school not far from here and would spend most of my time doing a lot of art things. I’ve always loved to paint, draw, make, and just explore creatively. I am still passionate about the same things and am trying to expand my knowledge in this field which is why I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor in Design with a Minor in Fine Arts.

I am passionate and motivated in the work I do and believe that design and art can impact multiple aspects of everyday life. I try my best to give meaning into my work and have fun while doing it. When I’m not working, you can find me cooking, painting, screen printing, listening to rap, gardening, in an RV, in a museum, in a thrift store, at a concert, and doing a lot of  other things in a lot of other places.

this is my instagram – https://www.instagram.com/faithrrs8/