There are four major assignments, due at (approximately) monthly intervals:

  • A portrait (due Tuesday, February 14)
  • A place (due Thursday, March 9)
  • An event (due Thursday, April 13)
  • A capstone project, which is expected to be a revised version of one of the above (due Thursday, April 27)

Furthermore, this course expects students to produce ten Looking Outwards reports, which will be be posted on this site. These are due at approximately weekly intervals. In addition:

  • There are also a number of small skill-building assignments. These are not graded, but will be ‘checked off’.
  • There will also be miscellaneous small tasks, such as viewings and readings, which will generally be announced with a week’s notice.

Communication Tools

This course uses the following software systems:

  • This WordPress blog, through which students publish Projects and more
  • A Github site, where the professor publishes lectures and resources
  • A Google Calendar
  • A Slack Channel