The lifestyle sphinctometer


Sphinct! is the newest innovation in fitness technology. Sphinct is a sphinctometer which is comfortable inserted into your rectum. It then captures data on pressure, muscular performance, and stress levels. Sphinct redefines the way we approach fitness. Sphinct also syncs to your smartphone. Where you can track your progress and take control of your body. Compare your results to friends and even unlock achievements.

My primary inspiration for the Sphinct manifested from the discovery of the medical sphinctometer and my desire to own one. Then I got the inspiration to take this to a different platform. The health and tech industries cater their content towards the cisgendered and able-bodied individual. I wanted to queer this narrative by branding this as a high end, performance enhancing technological innovation. I created this to exist in the space of speculative design as well as capturing the audience. I wanted to take the took I made and create something with more sustenance.

Firstly looking at speculative designers like Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby’s Park interactives piece. They created objects that mimiced objects that belonged to that space. They create a public intervention in the space and twist the habitual narratives.

what worked: I physically got it to work which in itself for me is wild. The concept, branding, and logo design were what really saved this. I needed to use my strengths to make something presentable.

What failed: I shot for the moon but I landed amongst the stars. I just went right over my head with fabricating and coding the device, getting accurate and good data, and not being able to make a proper video or a sleeker project. I would have loved to had done this with funding or with a dedicated team that I could direct. Honestly, I’m meant to make ideas and be the boss.

To make this tool I did research on teledildonics and talked to different engineers and artists. I had to hack an inflatable buttplug with an airpressure sensor. I got code from one of the people I was in contact with.

Process photo of us working in the lab (sorry I wish I had others this was unfortunately the only one I took)


8 second video of the plug being squeezed and it reading the data.




I’m Going to continue to work on my Sphinctometer. Make sure it works properly to collect data. I’m also going to shoot a promotional video and use motion graphics.

Ontop of that Caitlin and I have talked about doing a small collab with the depthkit in the pool. Using the pool, props, and some original music for a mini music video.


So I had a meeting with Kyle about the sphinctometer. I’ve been doing tons of research on how to make this and he’s connected me with some people to talk to. I have a list of things to get to help make a DIY sphinctometer.

A few inspirations:

kGoal Boost


I’m going to make a sphinctometer but it will be like a fitbit. I will brand it as the new health tech craze. It will have social media capabilities and you can share the graph data with your friends.

Scenario: You check to see your friends pressure scores. Carol’s butthole is at an unusual pressure rating. Looks like someone had anal!! You now have the tightest butthole out of all of your friends!!

The campaign includes potential work outs, lifestyle advice, etc.

I’m going to make a mock app interface, a hopefully working prototype, and a promotional video/kick starter campaign.



I’m still fiddling around with some ideas but as of now I’m certain I’m going to utilize mascara or makeup in my final portrait. One of the answered questions focused around their heavy use of mascara. There’s an old hollywood glam that I want to mix with technology.

Overall I want the piece to be a gif incorporate shimmers, glam, glitz, etc. I don’t want this portrait to focus too heavily on my subject as I want the viewer to pull their own conclusions. I want it to be more ambiguous.

I’m looking towards a lot of fashion resources and in particular contemporary culture behind youtube makeup gurus. Possibly using photogrammetry to incorporate these concepts and create a small, moving 3D space.

Some images from my mood board:


The incredible microscope world was mind blowing. Our group discovered the complexities of the butterfly wings and lizard skin. The organic surfaces each that their own fascinating rules. The butterfly wings had incredibly intricate symmetry. The lizard skin created these topographical intense landscapes.