We will collect your SEM samples for the small group visiting Friday. 

Today we have a presentation by Jeff Hinkelman, Film & Video Librarian at CMU, on portraiture in time-based media. Jeff showed:

  1. Portrait of Thomas Edison (1897): portrait as hagiography.
  2. Conan the Barbarian (1982), at 14″40″: physicality as portrait; actor can’t act.
  3. Muhammad the Last Prophet, animated feature, Chapter 5. Can’t show subject.
  4. A Married Woman (1963) Jean-Luc Godard. From Kuleshov: assembly from parts.
  5. Duck Amuck (1953). Character defined by setting
  6. Rubber Duckie (1970), Sesame Street. A triple portrait: Duck, Ernie, Jim Henson.
  7. Coco the Clown (1922), Max & Dave Fleischer. Early rotoscoping.
  8. Screen Tests (1960s), Andy Warhol.
  9. Shirin (2008), Kiarostami, film of people watching a film

Aftwerwards, we have an introduction to openFrameworks.