Experimental Capture:
An Exhibition of Computational & Expanded ███ography

Thursday, 4 May 2017, 5:00-7:00pm
Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
College of Fine Arts, Room CFA-111

Carnegie Mellon University
PDF Brochure (14Mb)

Professor Golan Levin and (TA) Claire Hentschker present an exhibition of student projects from “Experimental Capture”, an interdisciplinary course in which students come to observe, understand and build representations of the world using devices that sense beyond the limits of human perception. Students explored and developed novel acquisition techniques–using sensing technologies such as motion capture, panoramic and multi-spectral imaging, ultra high-speed video, 3D scanners, LIDAR, scanning electron microscopy, ground penetrating radar, computer vision, and robotic cinematography–in order to discover and reveal new truths.

Creator: iciaiot
Project Title: Memory Rooms
Photogrammetry, clay, ink, pigment, and paper were used to recreate the artist’s bedrooms from memory in an interactive projection.

Creator: Mikob
Project Title: First Kisses
A book of one thousand answers to the question, “where did you experience your first kiss?”

Creator: a
Project Title: Super Bone World
A system which transcodes online video streams of people moving around into a world of animated skeletons, hanging out together.

Creator: supercgeek
Project Title: AR Portals for Historical Photographs
Historical realities of environments through portals, juxtaposing the past against the present in a HoloLens AR application.

Creator: blue
Project Title: Body, My Body
Created in collaboration with the Pittsburgh movement/music duo, slowdanger, “Body, My Body” animates 3D body scans with motion capture data in order to create an immersive view of a dance performance.

Creator: caro
Project Title:
Finding the center and radius of Instagrammed pregnancies.

Creator: cdslls
Project Title: Naturalistic Observation with LIDAR
Scenes, captured in Pittsburgh public buses with a head-mounted LIDAR, reveal the emotional distance and physical proximity between strangers.

Creator: fatik
Project Title: The Pit
Exploration of human angst in physical form triggered by intense punk music. Also an exploration of depth footage and post production in DepthKit.

Creator: Bernie and Quan
Project Title: Robot Arm Media
Explorations in the use of robotic cinematography for tightly controlled video portraiture.

Creator: hizlik
Project Title: Small Car Scans Underbelly of Big Car
A line-laser equipped, remotely-controlled car scans the underside of vehicles into 3D point-cloud data.

Creator: DMGordon
Project Title: Rotting Machine
I trained a neural network to understand the difference between images of fresh and rotten fruit. The network can thus rot (or unrot) any image. I then fed the network images that are not fruit.

Creator: gloeilamp
Project Title: Skies worth Seeing
When is the sky worth capturing? Through a computationally organized grid, I present a study of the skies and qualities of light that inspire us.

Creator: Kyin and weija
Project Title: Handprint & Footprint Recognizer
We used a high-resolution pressure interface and machine learning algorithms to create a system that can recognize different people’s palms and feet.

Creator: Geep
Project Title: Sphinct
Sphinct is a personal sphinctometer.

Creator: ngdon
Project Title: Image Sequencer
A tool which computationally sorts images into ‘optimal’ sequences, based on certain common features.

Creator: sayers
Project Title: GroundSounds
GroundSounds is a VR tour through Carnegie Mellon’s Numbers Garden by way of spatialized audio generated from Ground Penetrating Radar data.

Creator: Bierro
Project Title: The Pulse of Shibuya
A visualization of the dynamics and movements inherent in the iconic Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

Creator: fourth
Project Title: High Speed Portraiture
High speed footage and audio recordings provide not just a montage portrait, but insight into the photographer’s perspective while capturing a traditional portrait.