Robot Photogrammetry Rig

My plan for this semester is to explore the capabilities of the precision and movement of the robot arm with relation to motion capture.

I plan to use the robot arm to be able to place an object within a certain area near the robot arm and by attaching a DSLR camera to the end of the arm, be able to create a 3D model of the object.  I will be using the Cannon SDK to remotely control the camera, and the Universal Robots arm that we have in class.

Ideally, I will be controlling the arm using a URscript that is pushed to the robot by an OF app. I am hoping that URscript has the capabilities to return a flag after it has been moved so my OF app knows when to take a picture.

In terms of making a portrait of my partner, two things stood out to me while talking to him:

  1. Wigs
  2. He is very “quotable”

I’m thinking of possibly making 3D models of his wigs, and giving each one a different voice, since wigs are something people usually use to change their identity.