I was curious what something from my kitchen might look like under the electron microscope. So, I choose some quinoa because I suspected its internal structure might be revealed; as it unfurls when you cook it, maybe I could find out how that worked on a micro-level. I also had three colors of quinoa – black, white, and red. I thought maybe they might look different from each other. Turns out, all colors of quinoa look the same to electrons…

Here is the quinoa from a familiar view :

Then we zoomed in to find some interesting terrain:

The most interesting part of the quinoa turned out to be the place where the seed had separated from the stalk:
I would like to know more about what exactly is going on in this image, but it seems to show signs of having been separated (or torn, cut, etc) from other biological material. I feel like this image could be a set piece from some sci-fi movie, too.

Here’s the closest we zoomed in:

We could see individual cells in the quinoa. Pretty awesome.

Here’s a quinoa plant for reference:

Next, in my series of “trendy foods under the microscope” I’ll examine a kale smoothie.