I chose a square of a holographic book cover to scan. When under slight magnification, it quickly became clear that this square was extremely smooth

While I was hoping to find the microridges that makes the hologram effect on many book covers, these ridges are covered by a transparent polymer coating. However, it is only transparent to light, and the electrons bounced right off it without revealing any of the forms below. The coating is smooth and relatively featureless. We had to zoom in until the sharp edges of the square became a rolling incline before any distinct surface features were visible.


Looks a lot like Enceladus, Saturn’s icy satellite. However, instead of hosting subterranean ocean underneath, the coating gives way to the tangled fibers of paper.


Also visible are sections where the coating has chipped off, revealing the tiny holographic grid beneath (center right). We tried to zoom in on that section, but couldn’t get a clean resolution before our time was up.