I’ve wanted to bring hand drawn qualities to virtual reality and 3d for some time and I’m greatly inspired by Michelle Ma’s work where she used drawings of a subject to create a 3d model. What I hope to do with this project is photograph my subject’s bust (head and shoulders) from every 10 degrees and then rotoscope those images. I’ll then put them in an OF application so that the viewer can use their mouse to slide through them. I want to make the interactions similar to how you would rotate a 3d model in Unity or Maya so it feels like the bust is 3d and interact-able, but still hand drawn. In order to make the bust more dynamic, I will have my subject smile as I am photographing around his head and then when the viewer “rotates” the head (just moving through images) the bust will smile.

Tangent idea: I could make it rotate in more than one direction (ie rotate in x and y) if I took the photos from around the face area.