I have so far 5 proposals—feeling indecisive.

  1. Inspired by the Deep Time Walk, this project is a spatiotemporal representation of any timeline. In this project I would map a timeline to a set distance that one would walk / drive through. The timeline would begin at the start of the walk, and end at the end. I am interested to see how history would be perceived differently through this system—I suspect a more bodily and intuitive understanding of the scale of the time would be gained, more than just numbers. (Side note: I have already constructed the code for this)
    1. Anyone would be able to select any timeline or create their own.
    2. The communication would likely be some sort of audio file.
    3. Code is already constructed.
  3. The Kairos Watch. This would be a weighted 24-hour clock/ watch, in tune with more the idea that we weight certain time in the day higher than others. For example, we don’t place much significance on the time we spend sleeping, so on the clock, the hours from midnight to 8am could be 1/12 of the watch face, while the 8AM-10AM could be a far greater portion, because that time is valuable. You might not care about keeping track of the time you spend in class, but want to maximize your work time.
    1. This is a personalized system—down to the day.
  4. Gigapan video/ Gigapan slow mo video (Robot arm??) or 360 Slow mo video
    1. Less meaning, but would be a cooler capture technique that I would 100% be excited to figure out.
  5. Develop a way to fill in the empty spaces w/ photogrammetry

Author: Quan

Origin of Quan: https://youtu.be/X0fizqifumk?t=30s I am a second year in the School of Design, with a concentration in Environments. I have done photography for many years, and have seen how both the camera and the photos it produces can be tools used to communicate truth, by highlighting and hiding specific elements. I am taking this class because I one day hope to be a designer who is able to develop and leverage unprecedented methods of communication, or as Bret Victor likes to put it, Seeing Tools.