For the last project, I want to continue working with Evi on the Robot Arm, but this time I want to put the camera ON the arm. With this, I was interested in doing some 3D-tracking and matching that with some sort of dolly-zoom technique. I think this would allow for some interesting effects.

Another thing I was interested in trying out is connecting certain settings on the camera with touchOSC on a phone. It’s interesting how we would be translating a human interface (zoom ring/ focus ring) with another touch interface (phone).

I have several other ideas, but I want to continue with Robot Arm dev with Bernie!

Author: Quan

Origin of Quan: https://youtu.be/X0fizqifumk?t=30s I am a second year in the School of Design, with a concentration in Environments. I have done photography for many years, and have seen how both the camera and the photos it produces can be tools used to communicate truth, by highlighting and hiding specific elements. I am taking this class because I one day hope to be a designer who is able to develop and leverage unprecedented methods of communication, or as Bret Victor likes to put it, Seeing Tools.