sayers-Event Proposal

For my event project, I would like to focus on the event of rain and the ideas of erosion that come from it.  I don’t know why I have a thing about rocks/the underground.  I would like to create a custom-controller game that would be played by the weather.

Game will be played on cellphone with custom interface.  Small sensor that attaches to phone (with waterproof phone case).  Sensor will be a small square with four quadrants.  The sensor will pick up if a raindrop hits in one of the four quadrants.  The game will also get your GPS coordinates and check online to see if it is raining (no cheating with an eyedropper).  If a raindrop hits one of the four quadrants, the in game raindrop will explore in that direction.  One could try to watch the rain drops and move your phone so that it lands on the desired quadrant, or could let nature do it’s thing. When enough raindrops hit a quadrant, it will begin to disintegrate on the screen, uncovering objects in the strata of sediment.


Other Idea:

Surfing-type game that you play as a child in the car.

Pressing at Jump points or else crash.

Holo-lens project using edge detection.


I have gotten a cube to appear on the Hololens and now understand much more of how to develop for that.

I have also been doing mostly research on how I might do edge detection quickly in the Hololens.  It doesn’t seem like there is one clear option.  The main thing that it seems the Hololens uses is spatial mapping (specifically I could use the low-level unity spatial mapping api).  This is very computationally intensive though, and I believe would probably only work in an already mapped area (so not out of a car window).  The other option that I could explore would to be get the camera feed out of the Hololens then put it into a processing/openframeworks sketch that would give me the coordinates of the edges in a silhouette (using some kind of edge detection for video).  I would then have to send the data back to the Hololens and compute where the figure should be.  Also since this is mixed reality, everything would have to be happening in real time with next to no lag.  I’m not completely sure if I have the technical abilities/the technology is there yet to get this done quickly and efficiently.

If this proves too difficult, one thing I may do is use Vuforia within the Hololens to create small creatures/people hanging from street signs.  For example, if I saw a stop sign, Vuforia would know oh this is the general shape/look of a stop sign and would then attach a 3D model (in various forms) to the sign.  This is also creating a little animate world.

Can I screenshot the holograms in the Hololens?