Through the eye of the Scanning Electron Microscope

The way I understand the SEM

The spider web I scanned had been staying for a while above one of bathtubs in my house: it was most probably not sheer silk anymore. But who would have thought that this whole mess of dust, and who knows what else, would have produced such images. Our brain is not ready for that. It starts comparing what we see to familiar environment: plants, bamboos and barb-wire, bones etc… But this is not it: the very small does exist, and we just have no clue about its beauty, its intricacies and patterns. Nature’s creativity is endless, and while there is a lot to study at the human scale, there is more inspiration to be found for scientists and artists at the scale even below!

Spider web winded around an interdental brush
Spider curls
Bamboo grove and barb wire
Dusty planet