I chose to examine a feather and some very thin packaging foam.

This is the feather:

As we increase the magnification, we can see hooks on the feather which keep the tiny fibers aligned. The hooks are sort of mussed up here.

I also examined some packing foam:

During the trip to the SEM lab, I learned that the lens was actually perpendicular to the image plane. Elections would be scattered in all directions off of the object and then could be recorded from any angle. I am curious as to how these images can be converted back into 3d data– as in a world that one could walk through in Unity. That was the compulsion of everyone who saw the SEM images. They had such a foreign texture and such interesting crevices (more like rooms). I would like to see them from a more angles… and magnified to a room-size scale. The items I picked were also really great for such an endeavor as they were not flat but filled with pockets to explore.