New Project: The Sound of Things

Could you modulate light waves into the audible domain? Or audio waves to the visible spectrum? What results would you get? Could you convert an audio file into a photograph?

What do your photos sound like? Or, what do your sounds look like?

I’d like to explore this in my project.

  1. Get a photo
  2. Pixel by pixel, find the color value and the frequency of that color
  3. Modulate that frequency to the audible domain
  4. Stitch together each “pixel” of sound to create an audio file

Reverse this process to create images out of sound.

Could you create an image out of the ambient noise of a room? What would it look like?

Could you intentionally compose music to create a photo?


“Colours and their sounds”

Prometheus, the poem of fire, a piece of music intended to create certain colors

PhotoSounder (costs $90)

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