Yet again, like any other project I’ve ever done I have too many things that I want to try and do. I’m still not sure what place exactly I want to do yet but I think I’m going to just keep doing things until I find out. I loved the examples from the book Golan showed us in class that one time, so I want to try those out. I’m also from Pittsburgh so I could possibly do something more personal that’s related to my home or family. I was also thinking I’d go to Millvale because I love the graffitti there and I’m sure I could find a lot of random artifacts on the rail road. There’s also a river that flows with Millvale and thought that it’d be interesting to see what’s in the river while I’m there.

Another thing I could possibly do is related to Carnegie Mellon itself. I’ve been really upset for the last couple of months about my major and the school culture itself. Me and a group of some people ended up talking about this and the idea of scraping Linkedn was brought up to see what people actually do after they graduate from this “world’s most renowned educational institution”. We thought it’d be cool to gather this data and somehow put it back into this place for reflection.

So yea, that’s what I’ve been thinking about and I’m kind of leaning towards learning how to “scrape” a website or something. But I also want to use the motion capture in the basement of Hunt. I think I’ll have to continue to scope down what my actual project is going to be.