hizlik- PlaceProposal

I still haven’t decided on a place yet, and honestly haven’t quite decided on a technique yet either (I may do multiple techniques). I will list my ideas as such:

  • A “panorama” stitched together consisting of photos of the side of a building. However, the photos will wrap completely around the building (walking sideways while taking them), somewhat “unwrapping” the building I’m photographing by the end of the project. This could be a building or some other significant space
  • A photo-collage protraying a significance or pattern, or just looks cool, similar to the images below. I was thinking maybe some pattern amongst students walking along campus, or some off-campus location as well (but with enough “traffic” of people, vehicles or animals to make it a viable location to collage).
  • A collage of “cut-outs” of significant or cool-looking landforms, buidlings or other repeating places and patterns using Google Earth or maps, such as this collage of pools:
  • Or some idea stemmed from those above

All images are from the book Photoviz.