fatik – final-Progress

So far I was able to confirm on the event I will be attending.


Pittonkatonk is a free, outdoor, family friendly community celebration of brass music that features both local and touring musicians. Held at the Schenley Park Vietnam Veterans Pavilion, Pittonkatonk blurs the lines between music festival and family reunion. There’s no formal stage, no ticket prices, and no vending. Instead, bands play in the crowd with little to no amplification. The community creates a potluck table of food donations for refreshment, and folks of all ages can be seen dancing together.



Yesterday Golan and Tom helped me make a probe for this specific event. The result is a magical wizard stick with a lot of stuff on it.

It’s a monopod with the depthkit and a binaural microphone attached to it.

Until I get all of the footage I need to figure out how to carry everything to the event and how I’m going to organize all of my footage. Because I’m also dealing with audio, I need to figure out a flow to match the footage and the sound for post production. I am planning on testing a lot of this stuff out this weekend.

The biggest difference between this venue and my last is that it’s outdoors. I’m excited to see how green looks on the depthKit.

For my final I am going to try to create a series of short video and sound loops. I would also like to figure out a way to edit and upload these short videos onto Instagram more easily. Zach Lieberman does it with his Instagram posts and posted a process on medium of how to do it.