Revisiting The pulse of Shibuya


Changes and improvements:

  • Get the actual live feed to work. Challenging on Windows. This is what I have been spending all my time on over the past week, and still get it in OpenFrameworks
    • RTSP reception in OpenCV
    • Tweak the encoding parameters speed etc and get the M-JPEG feed working in OF with IpVideoGrabber
    • Get Awesomium working with YouTube feed
  • Emphasize more on the graph:
    • Remove background opaque images
    • Make lines thicker
    • Add axis and legends: Speed of people
    • Try different time scales and sampling. See the pulse over a day and patters change. Or really get the pattern to show up
  • Try a different layout of the windows. Too much happening so far
  • Ghosty style of the people in the feed
    • Shorten the lines
    • Make the background a little darker
    • Try view with only ghosts and live feed next to it
  • Get a good screen recorder for windows
    • IceCream Recorder