For my final project, I would mainly like to collaborate with somebody else on a new project. My best work in previous semesters has come out of collaboration and this class is a great chance to do something remarkable that I couldn’t do alone.

That said, I would like to revisit the high-speed camera portraits. Instead of exploring in-between expressions, I would like to explore time-remapping and ‘busy’ scenes.

I love the idea of a high speed portraits captured as portraits (not as “slow mo shots”), but in high speed, and would like to explore this further and take advantage of the tool more. Things like moving the high speed camera to create depth and parallax in a portrait with a lot ‘else’ going on – think throwing colored flour and so forth – in an aesthetic that is lit well and visually stunning as hell; I know these tools can bring something new and exciting to portraiture but I’ve yet to really get to it.

Imagine this but slowly moving. Still, basically, a still frame; just a spark of life and character and expression; more cinemagraph than videography.