Over the past week I’ve built a mount on my RC car to hold two GoPro (or in this case, GoPro knock-offs). As I’m normally a digital artist, it was a fun and interesting experience re-learning how to use power tools like the drill press, band saw and other tools to rig up a mount to my rc car without actually modifying the car too much. The only permanent change applied to my car was cutting the front bumper to be shorter (it used to cover the lens).

After the mount, I started learning how to create stereoscopic 3D video for youtube, which was simpler than I thought. All I had to do was align the two video files time-wise, and then squeeze them into one frame so they were side-by-side (height = 100%, width = 50%). The 3D works really well, despite the lenses being wide-angle and the cameras being farther apart than human eyes. The only true problem is when an object is very close, it becomes dizzying to try to focus on. But the wide distance between lenses helps really emphasize the 3D depth for farther-away objects, which is good for wide-angle footage (as objects look farther than they are).

Here are some test videos- best viewable on a Google Cardboard or similar VR platform:




Here are some ideas for me to film later: