mikob – Place Proposal

I have a couple of rough ideas in mind for the place project.

1. Map of password security questions

Password security questions often ask the question related to “where” (e.g. Where were you when you had your first kiss? In what town or city did your mother and father meet? ) These security questions are designed to be the most intimate and personal questions that would be impossible to hack, so I thought it would be interesting to make a simple application that creates a personal security map based on the questions answered.

2. Mini dollhouse of a room

As a child, we all have played with these miniature doll houses. Looking back at it now, I’m thinking it might be interesting to 3d scan my room or some other place and 3d print it to preserve it as an artifact of the place I resided in.

3. In terms of capturing a unique place, La Hutte Royal was one of the most mesmerizing and fascinating “places” that I’ve been to (and also less known). I’m not sure what would be the best method to capture this place, but it’s definitely a great to look into.