Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Historical Exploration of Carnegie Mellon University

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I’ve been itching to do something with mixed reality methods where I can really focus on execution and craft in either VR or AR/MR. I’m not sure yet if I’ll explore full-presence with live video (i.e. hololens) or something where I pre-record a number of locations with 360 video, map into VR (i.e. rift/vive) and then place the imagery above. The main-stay of the idea is that I’ll mix historical photographs with VR/AR/MR exploration with time-rift effect to start/end viewing the images.

Historical Material

I’ve been really inspired by looking at plenty of the historical photos from around CMU, I definitely think I’ll have far more material than I actually have time to work with.

Reality Tear Effect

I’ve been looking into different ways to ‘tear’ into the historical layers of reality. I really liked the example from New York Times 360 on Malcolm X, but it doesn’t directly address the issue of having a dynamic viewpoint (i.e. the imagery is painted and placed around the camera).


Other References


*=thanks to austin lee for references