While working on my final project (update to my Place project), I spent my time on three main areas:

  1. Creating the Portal Effect from Bioshock Infinite that originally inspired the project.
  2. Getting Vuforia to automatically pin the geometry to real space.
  3. Making the portal “look cool”

01 // The first stage went well and I was able to get a portal like affect working which allows the HoloLens wearer to only see the 3D Geometry through a ‘tear in reality.’ [1]

02 // Vuforia implementation went considerably less well. Though I was able to get some object registering onto a image targets, performance wan’t robust enough to depend on and the size of the great hall made all of these issues worse. In the end, I completely scrapped this part of the project and reverted to a simple manual placing of the old CFA, but I think this significantly undermined the effect I was going for.

03 // This final stage of the project was squeezed for time because of all the time spent searching for Vuforia solutions. That said, I did manage to experiment briefly with particle simulators and effects. [2]