kyin&weija – EventProcess

Our Idea

We want to use the Sensel touch sensor to train footsteps in order to detect a person’s unique footprint. Our event is “being stepped on”, or walking.


We are using image recognition/processing to train our neural net. In order to do that, we first need to get images footprints from the Sensel. We used Amon’s ofxSenselMorph2 to display the information the Sensel is receiving, and adapted the script to take a screenshot of the window on a specific key press.

Kristin’s foot:

Jason’s foot:

Neural Nets

We did some research regarding convolutional neural networks, which we plan to use in our feet classifier. We’ve done some research on which ones to use, and we’re currently looking TensorFlow as our main candidate. (If anybody has any better / easier cnn to use, we are completely open to suggestions).