I currently have two ideas.

One is to install a camera on the face of each of the persons on the Walking to the Sky sculpture. The cameras will take a photo every minute or so, and these photos will represent what the statues will actually see if they have vision. For most of them I guess it will be the person before them frozen in the middle of a “walking” pose against the constantly changing sky. Some of them can probably see buildings and students and visitors walking pass them with the corner of their eyes.

The second idea is about using the barcode reader and its peculiar way to sense the world. I’m thinking of making a camera that takes photos encoded in a barcode format, and then prints it out, which is inscrutable to humans but can be decoded by a barcode reader. Then I can probably gather all the barcode photos about one place, build a little world in a box where everything is barcode, and put the barcode reader in there, who thinks itself is inside a VR experience.

For the first idea I probably need to figure out a way to have all the cameras take HDR photos, or the sky will be super white and the walking persons will before the camera will be really dark. For the second idea I need to invent a smarter way to compress image data then simply recording each pixel RGBs, or huge amounts of barcodes will be necessary to describe a single image.