I met with CARO yesterday (April 17th) to discuss ideas for a final project collaboration and we generated some interesting things:

  1. Spherical Capture and Representation
  2. Small Cube “Object-Based Capture” with Physical Memory
  3. Sound of Things

Anyway, after a lot of time chatting, we decided it would be best to go our own directions: I’m planning to revisit my Place project for the HoloLens with a number of main goals.

Revamp Goals:

  1. Nail the Craft & Kill (or integrate) the glitch (into the aesthetic)
  2. Use Vuforia Image Targets to create a ‘continuously pinned’ spatial environment that stays synchronized
  3. Realize the time-tear origins of the project with portals that open and close in a convincing and engaging way
  4. Create more scenes (hopefully some outdoors) & make a killer documentation video of the whole thing.

Place Posts: